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'Tout voir, tout entendre,  ne perdre aucune idée', Evariste 

    Galois, 29/Oct/1831

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Galois Theory

We are thankful to Prof. James Milne for allowing us to mirror his splendid course notes "Fields and Galois Theory". But you should check at his his website for newer versions. Our version is dated August 31, 2003. It's worth anyway to visit his site, if you are interested in mathematics, especially Algebra. pdf (for single sided printing);
pdf (for two sided printing).


  1. Basic definitions and results.
  2. Splitting fields; multiple roots.
  3. The fundamental theorem of Galois theory.
  4. Computing Galois groups.
  5. Applications of Galois theory.
  6. Algebraic closures
  7. Infinite Galois theory
  8. Transcendental Extensions.

Galois theory for beginners:

Jörg Bewersdorff: A historical perspective, AMS,  ISBN: 0-8218-3817-2

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