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'Tout voir, tout entendre,  ne perdre aucune idée', Evariste 

    Galois, 29/Oct/1831

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The Galois Archive

Evariste Galois is undoubtedly the father of modern algebra. What he has started in his papers is nowadays in honour of his work called Galois theory. There are lots of biographies and biographical works about him (e.g. by Paul Dupuy, E.T. Bell and the most recent by Lauro Toti Rigatelli). There are fictionalizations of his tragic life in novels (e..g. "Whom the Gods Love" by Leopold Infeld, "The French Mathematician" by Tom Petsinis and "Galois Schweigen" by Bernd Klein), films ("Évariste Galois", directed by Alexandre Astruc, and "Évarist Galois", directed by Danièle Baudrier, and "Non ho tempo", directed by Ansano Giannarelli) But as soon as you start working seriously on the story of his life, you realize how many details are missing, blurred or in the worst case even distorted. While we can correct false and misleading facts - as Tony Rothman did in his work - we will not be able in most cases to recover the missing facts. Another problem lies in the fact, that most of the original texts of Evariste Galois are not easily available, if you are not in working distance of Paris or at least a university with a huge library. Most of the stuff is only available in French and I think it would be great to have them available in other languages as well. Purpose of this Page:
  • To harbour as much as possible of the original papers concerning Galois, e.g. letters both sent by him or addressed to him, or those about him. His introductions and prefaces to his papers, or even the papers. Everybody can - and let's hope that many will - help by donating electronic version or images of such works.
  • To translate these texts into other languages, e.g. English, Italian, German or Spanish. Translating a whole text can be sometimes a tedious work. To make it easy and interesting, I have provided on this website a tool which makes it possible to translate just tiny bits and pieces. The idea is, that people all over the world can easily accomplish together what would be a gigantic task for a single person. Have a look at the "Translation Project" and you will be amazed who easy it is.
  • To provide a working base for all those willing to assist! We need your help, regardless how small!

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